Back to the Delta:

The reunion in Memphis!

03 - 07 October, 2012

Putting the pieces together … again

Once in a while Bob posts a note in the AFVN group that begins with the words, “I regret to inform you …”

Each of those messages means we’ve lost one more coworker, one more friend; someone we’ve long meant to visit but for whom we couldn’t find the time or the right set of circumstances. Well, here’s our chance to gather again.

Memphis - a place of music and mystery, a place where the Tupelo Mississippi Flash built Graceland, and a musical Kismet where artists like B.B. King, W.C. Handy, and Chuck Berry transmogrified “Negro music.” It’s the place where Sun Records was born and Martin Luther King died.

Dig out your pictures, find a camera, put on a ramblin’ outfit, and come prepared for some good times with good friends.

Bring your sons and daughters (and their sons and daughters), because we are a part of history their teachers and professors never had time to cover.

Be there, or be square!






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