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We’re going to Graceland!  Sun Recording Studios, too, and we get a special group tour of Sun.

Sorry, but you can’t select just Graceland or just Sun.  It’s a package deal that includes transportation.  We depart Olive Branch at 10:00 Friday morning and return approximately four hours later.

To get our special rate, all tickets must be purchased by one representative.  You can decide to participate at the last minute, but it will cost more and you will waste most of your time on-site standing in line to get a ticket.

Other fun stuff on deck:

Individual Beale Street visits Friday afternoon and evening.  You can’t get Bluer than Beale Street. English is a second language here, used only by those who can’t speak music!

Something new - an AFVN auction. No, we’re not selling AFVN, but we are auctioning off items donated by Dickie and me and anyone else who wants in on the fun. The proceeds will be used to pay part of our reunion expenses that aren’t covered by room rentals.

Buffet, complete with quasi-famous speakers. No rubber chicken here! Still seeking said quasi-famous speakers, but the buffet tickets are $30 each.

Auction items as of 14 May:
Dickie’s hand-made knives
Two AFVN clocks
Maple Syrup
Lap Blankets
Suspicious bottles